Community maganers Community managers are the heart of They handle reports, and cheaters, accept(or reject) ban appeals, plan events, select BATs. They are also here to help with your daily questions.
Sodachi Community Manager
undead Community Manager
Acheuy Community Manager
takumoyoshi Community Manager
Riffee Community Manager
Owner Developers add new features to the server, squash bugs, keep the server up and running and take care of its maintenance. You can distinguish them because they have a blue name in game chat.
Fia Developer
Overwatchers These guys responsible for banning cheaters and bad people.
Riddalmorning Overwatcher
BATs BATs play beatmaps in the ranking queue and decide whether they are good enough to be ranked or not.
Donators or Respected People's They're persons, who help server with pull requests or support server with donation.